Basketball pass

Intense game of "Uhs Ball".

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A game developed on the 17th of September by the awesomely good looking and talented geniuses, Matt, Jayden and Monique.

The game consists of 3 or more people (2 male, 1 female) throwing a Basketball to each other randomly, in an attempt to get catch an opponent of guard. If the player is caught of guard and drops the ball, he then picks up the ball, throws it back to an opponent and keeps on playing. The game is therefore never-ending.

Players must make the sound "Uhs" when throwing the ball, as it will (in very rare cases) frighten the player causing them to drop the ball. If the player does not pronounce the word properly, then they are sentenced to death and burnt at the stake (WARNING! This may cause death).

The female player is traditionally seated on grass during play, as it requires less effort to throw and catch the ball, therefore gaining an unfair advantage. This is not at all sexist... duh.

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