Suggested Olympic Games for "Uhs Ball" to be played at.

"Uhs Ball" has been suggested to be played as an Olympic sport in the next London 2012 Olympics, but as of yet has not been given any acceptance (they are crazy not to accept it). Although, we did recieve an email from the London 2012 coordinator who said:

"Dear Whom-it-may-concern

I have read over your proposed new sport for the 2012 Olympics and I am sorry to report that your sport has been declined. It seems to the board for the Olympics that uhs ball is basically just catch with the sounds 'uhs' thrown in. Also in your proposal you suggested that losers of the game be burnt at the stake. This seems horrific and to be honest we don't need the FBI over here investigating the death of Olympians. In addition to all of this nonsense your spelling and grammar were absolutely appalling. For example your sentence "You's must excepts our games for the twenty 12 Ollie em pics" does not make sense. You guys are obviously retarded and I hope you burn in hell.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Olympicscoordinator Jr."