UHS ball

A detailed diagram showing the effects 'uhs ball' can have on the average students mind. It also shows nickel and chronium equivalence I'm told...

Uhs Ball was a game first invented on the 17th of September 2011. It's creators Monique, Matt, and Jayden were peacefully enjoying lunch at a college I can't name or I'll get spanked hard by my teachers. Suddenly, the clouds rolled over and a voice from the heavens said "UHS". Just then the creators felt a tingling in their stomachs. Luckily it wasn't anything special and once they had all farted everything returned to normal. The creators were then possesed by the devil and Jayden picked up a basketball and utterted 'uhs' as he threw it at Matt with such force that it didn't quite make it to him... Satisfied that he had given all the creators AIDs the devil unpossesed them all. However, the creators continued playing 'uhs ball' and the game quickly become an international sensation. It is know played by at least 3 people over the world... I think.