The Australian Uhs Ball Appreciation Group For People Who Like Uhs Ball Obviously Cause Why Would You Join A Group That Likes Uhs Ball If You Didn't Like Uhs Ball or AUBAGFPWLUBOCWWYJAGTLUBIYDLUB as it is more commonly known. They are based on a cardboard box just off the motorway on the way to Brisbane. They do nothing except run naked accross the freewat promoting Uhs Ball. Currently there are a staggering 3 employees at the AUBAGFPWLUBOCWWYJAGTLUBIYDLU. They all work for free which is just as well considering the entire budget of the organisation was blown out when they invested all of their money into an ant winning the national ant race. Unfortunately the ant, nicknamed Albert P. Rosco, was eaten by a tribe of hungry Albanians which is weird because the competition was in China not Albania... oh well.